Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Carignan - pumpover and ferment

Some pix of the Carignan pumpover and showing off the good colour extraction on day 2 of fermentation.

I also took an extremely nerdy video of the fermentation which you can see bubbling away through the sides of the fibre glass tank.  Yes, I know it's sad.... 

There seems to be an Italian theme here. Tasting glass is from Piemonte, the tank was made in Italy and the yeast I used was developed in Sicily.


  1. I do hope you will keep us posted on the Carignan. Old Vines Carignan has been our discovery of the year (Les Crouzes).

    1. Thanks for your comment Martin. Yes we're very excited about it. Not sure yet whether it will be blended with the Syrah or kept as 100% varietal. Will decide in the spring and keep you posted.

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