Tuesday, 19 January 2010

O Vineyards and Love that Languedoc

Ryan O Connell of O Vineyards in Cabard├Ęs has rightly chided me for not putting in a link to his video diary. Ryan is young and innovative and has started up a Languedoc video site cutely called Love that Languedoc. He started it the back end of last year and is already on episode 34. Not bad going. The videos take the form of interviews with Languedoc winemakers, sommeliers and tame MWs. Some are in French, some in English and some both.

He has sent me the following links which I think are to the clip I did in December last year. In French and in English. (or is it vice versa?)

I'll do a full report of my visit and tasting at O vineyards in February.