Wednesday 20 May 2009

Springtime in the Languedoc - at last!

This picture was taken last Sunday just north of Beziers. You can just about see some young vines peeking through the sea of poppies.

Spring is a beautiful time in the Languedoc as it is still so green and there is a huge variety of wild flowers. It is particularly green this year as it has been an exceptionally wet spring. It was the wettest April for years and May has had its fair share of rain too. After 2 very dry winters the vines were in desperate need of rain to stock up reserves for the summer. But the dry weather over the last few days has been welcome, and not just so we can finally get out the Tshirts and shorts! Producers have been desperate to get into the vineyards to treat the vines against oidium and they needed dry, still weather to do so.  The dry weather is here .... but not necessarily to stay.


  1. It looks beautiful. We were in France from March 26-April 20, and either the rains stayed to the west or we left just in time, because we had 4 weeks of almost unrelenting clear skies. I guess we just lucked out (we were in the Auvergne, the Ardeche, and Savoie).

  2. Lovely photo. I thought it was just here in the deep south states that had a crazy rainy sounds like the same in south of France. I am hoping for sunshine this weekend!