Friday 9 January 2009

Languedoc wine lover

As this is my first ever post on a Blog, I'd better start by setting out my stall. 

As the name suggests, this blog is (mainly) about Languedoc wine. 

For the past four and a half years I have been lucky enough to live in the Languedoc and during that time I have visited countless wine producers, chatted to them about what they do and why and made notes on their wines. And consumed rather more than my fair share of their production! But this blog is not intended to be merely a record of tasting notes. I love this region and its wines and I hope to be able to communicate some of this passion to you and inspire you to visit this wonderful region. Or at least to consider reaching for a bottle of Languedoc wine the next time you're at the off-licence!

But I don't work as a PR consultant for Languedoc wine (honest - although I'm open to offers) and so from time to time I will talk about wines from elsewhere, what's in the news, food and wine matching, hot topics in the wine world, wine trivia etc etc.

Talking of wine trivia, did you know that the Languedoc is the biggest wine region in the world, producing more wine than the whole of Australia? More than enough to keep this Languedoc wine lover happy.


  1. Thrilled to discover your blog right in it's first days.
    Looking forward to following your travels!
    Rob Dougan / La Peira

  2. Thanks Rob. As a newcomer to this blogging lark I'm still working out how to pitch it. Your comments are most welcome.

  3. Hello Juliet from a very snowy Meribel. We've just happily found your blog and just wanted to say we hope you enjoy writing it as much as we're looking forward to reading it regularly.
    A bientot V&C
    PS: Don't tell Simon but I had a fabulous ski yesterday.