Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pinot Noir exports don't add up

An investigation is ongoing into alleged fraud of wine which was sold as Pinot Noir when it wasn't in fact made from pinot. The discrepancy first came to light in Spring 2008 when a vinous fraud squad did a spot check at SAS Ducasse de Carcassonne, a well known negociant in the region. Sieur d'Arques in Limoux is also involved in the investigation. 

The Languedoc Roussillon's annual production of Pinot Noir is around 53,000 hectolitres but it is estimated that since 2005 more than 100,000 hectolitres of Pinot Noir was exported to the USA each year. 


  1. Yikes!
    Any word on this from winery's or winemakers?

  2. I haven't heard any comments from the wineries involved. My source was the local paper. I've mentioned it to a couple of producers in the Minervois and they don't know anything about it. I'll do another post if I find out any more.