Thursday, 5 March 2009

Faugères facts

My last post talked about schist and a couple of producers of note. Here are a few more facts about Faugères, courtesy of the Faugères Appellation Press Dossier.

- The appellation consists of 2075 hectares of vines
- There are 7 villages in the Faugères appellation
- Faugères was awarded the appellation for red and rosé wine in 1982
- They had to wait until 2005  for it to be extended to white Faugères
- the average altitude in Faugères is 250 metres
- the average yield for AOC Faugères in 2007 was 34 hectolitres per hectare. The maximum yield permitted by the AOC regs is 50 hl/ha
- 11% of Faugères is exported

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