Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Divem - Divine

In May this year, hubby and I had a wonderful time in Montpeyroux/St Saturnin, celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss. We walked up Mount Baudile, drove around in a 60 year old Lancia and ate at David and Bridget Pugh's fabulous Mimosa restaurant (which is, sadly, just about to close).

The next morning I popped into the wine shop in Montpeyroux Les Terrasses de Mimosa, also owned by the Pughs. Very dangerous as the next half hour was spent stocking up on some familiar labels and on some that I have never heard of but was keen to discover.

Some women buy shoes, others handbags. My vice can at least be shared and on this occasion Divem was consumed with dear husband and Barrie, a wine loving friend who stayed for a few days to help us with the harvest. I am glad that I didn't open this over the summer as this is definitely an Autumnal wine. Not so much mists and mellow fruitfulness as nippy nights and curling up infront of a crackling fire.

Divem is a tiny domaine of 3.5 hectares which made its first vintage in 2000. Gil Morrot is the man behind it and he started by making the wine in Alain Chabanon's cellar before finding his own cave. He makes only 3 wines; two AOC Coteaux du Languedoc Montpeyroux and a vin de table, called Carpe Divem, based on Merlot.

Divem 2008 is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, aged in oak for 30 months. The oak has fleshed out the palate but it does not scream oak. There are lots of gentle meaty, gamy flavours mingling with nutmeg, pepper and plums. Very complex and very big but with smooth tannins. Although it is clearly a full-bodied wine, it holds its alcohol well, all 15,5% of it. Not surprising that the note on the website mentions that it took a while to ferment to dryness!

I haven't visited this domaine but on the strength of tasting Divem 2008 I have put it on my list. Have a look at the Divem website which contains a photographic illustration of the domaine and its approach. Lots of pretty pictures to enjoy, even if you don't understand French.


  1. The oak has fleshed out the link palate but it does not scream oak. There are lots of gentle meaty, gamy flavours mingling with nutmeg, pepper and plums.

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